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 Rough ET guide

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PostSubject: Rough ET guide   Rough ET guide EmptyMon Nov 24, 2014 11:35 pm

This is far from done but I'll slowly be working on a guide to give the individual roles of the 6 needed classes for Endless Tower. It's not formal and it's in first person but I hope it gives people a better idea in what they need to do it ET.

All I have so far is the role of a HP in MVP fights, I forgot about lex but anyway...

HP timing

When playing HP or any class, it is important to understand the cool downs of your skills. If done properly, you can effectively time your skills to achieve maximum efficiency when supporting a party during MVPing. You should be too busy to use heal during the MVPing.


As a HP, you responsibility is to maintain safetywall on the tank whilst keeping pneuma on the party. Additionally, you’ll be expected to resurrect anyone who dies. With this, timing is crucial and takes plenty of practice.


This is a very important skill and you have no excuses to not have it always on your party. When mvping, note that this skill lasts 10 secs. So note how many other skills you can use before you need to use it again or count to 10 in your head and refresh it when you get to 10. Using this skill is more important that reviving fallen people in the stack as you never know when your party will be hit by a stray ranged attack.

Safety Wall

This is another priority skill, however, a good wizard is capable of using it. Ensure that this skill is always on your tank. Once again, note how long it takes to expire so that you can do other things before you need to refresh the skill again. Remember pneuma is priority.


This skill should be lvl 7. At level 7, this skill lasts 22 secs, so you can refresh it every 2 pnuemas.


This skill is important for Berze mainly. Use bless on anyone who has been stone cursed. Ideally, you should let your Battle log show abnormal statuses so you know who has been stone curse and you can just use their name on the party list.

Resurrection priority

There is a priority for which members of the party need to be alive the most often. This is my suggested order. Take time to learn what class everyone is in your party. The order is:

1. Other HPs

2. The tank

3. The paladin

4. Clown

5. All other classes

Under bragi, this is less of an issue but without bragi, consider only getting resurrect lvl 2 as whilst it has a longer casting time, the aftercast delay is much shorter letting you res more people in less time. People should have pneuma over them and thus shouldn’t take any hits at 40% HP. Another option is bringing some ygg leaves to allow the use of lvl 4 and lvl 1 res.


These are really the lowest priority with the exception of keeping assumption on the tank. Make sure everyone is buffed before you fight the MVP. Otherwise, only buff people if you have time – this is with the exception of the tank that needs assumptio.

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PostSubject: Re: Rough ET guide   Rough ET guide EmptyWed Dec 03, 2014 8:02 pm

L is my favorite online Niece. Have I ever told you that?
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Rough ET guide
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